The Hand Gesture Controlled Wheelchair


The Hand Gesture Controlled Wheelchair


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The aim of this paper is to prepare a Hand Gesture Controlled Wheelchair for the physically disabled people who face difficulty in moving from one place to another in day today life. An accelerometer is used as a sensor which gives an analog signal on its movement in any of the 6 axis directions, that is positive X axis, negative X axis, positive Y axis, negative Y axis, positive Z axis, negative Z axis. In this project we have considered X and Y axis for the direction. Further the input from sensor is given to encoder which sends the data wirelessly through the transmitter, then the data is received at the receiver end and the sensor data is decoded and finally given to microcontroller. Based on data received the from accelerometer the microcontroller sends the signal accordingly to motor drivers to move the wheelchair in forward, backward, left, right directions.
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what u’ll get in packet – Complete circuit , Motors, ply base, project report and code
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