Li-Fi Project Model

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Product Details:

Usage/Application School Projects
Brand Projectronics
Model Name/Number P006
Shape Rectangular
Power 5watt
Voltage 9V
Packet contents Transmitter circuit,Receiver circuit,speaker,headphone jack,background paper,9v battery,houses


Li-Fi (short for light fidelity) is wireless communication technology which utilizes light to transmit data and position between devices. In transmitter side, when we connect 3.5mm jack to audio source LED will glow but there is no fluctuation in the intensity of light when the audio source is OFF. As soon as you play the audio, you will see that there is frequent change in intensity of light. When you increase the volume, LED’s intensity is changing faster than the human eye can follow. In receiver side, Solar panel is so sensitive that it can catch small intensity change and correspondingly there is change in the voltages at output of solar panel. So, when the light of LED falls on the panel, voltages will varies according to the intensity of light .Then voltages of solar panel is fed into amplifier (Speaker) which amplifies the signal and giving the audio output through the speaker connected to the amplifier.


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