Railway Toilet Disposal System Model

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Brand Projectronics
Usage/Application School science project
Power 5watt
Voltage 9V

Railways have provided a very good transportation facility for the commuters since more than 100 years in India and it has reached to each and every part of the country. Railways pollute environment, as they do not have a system to collect the sewage generated by the passengers as well as the outsiders using it when it is at halt by proving close water closet with a proper system. Discharging fresh faucal matter to the open atmosphere, either when the train is in motion or it is not in motion. If it is in motion the faucal matter excreted by the passenger is flushed from the train, which when comes out of the pan of the running train, gets fragmented in to smallest particles and will mix in the open atmosphere contributing to air pollution and becomes injurious to human, plant or animal life or to the property or which unreasonably interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life & property. The system consists of a specially designed tank with two hoses connected to the lavatory chute as inlet from two adjacent toilets through which excreta and urine are collected. There is a single outlet with open/close mechanism through which waste is disposed. Such tanks could be fitted to all toilets in trains. The tank’s outlet will be in closed position and opens only at particular places automatically. These tanks will be opened after reaching specially constructed drainage pits under the tracks, where discharge of waste and water will take place. These pits should be built in selected places far away from human inhabitation at least 100 km to 150 km apart. This type of toiletry system is maintenance-free, cost effective and easy to implement.


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