Smart future highway with EV charging

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Smart highway
The successful convergence of new technologies will require electric vehicles (EVs) that are low cost and fully autonomous. These attributes can be realized through wireless charging. Consider a future in which a driverless ridesharing electric vehicle (EV) pulls over as you exit a building, takes you to your destination, and proceeds to drive passenger after passenger without ever needing to stop to recharge its battery. Instead, power generated by nearby wind and solar resources is delivered wirelessly from the roadway to the vehicle while it is in motion. While the concept of medium-range wireless power transfer (WPT), achieved using near-field (non-radiative) electromagnetic coupling, has existed since the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla (1891) more than a century ago, the technology to enable effective dynamic WPT for EVs is still in its nascent stage. Numerous challenges related to performance, cost, and safety need to be overcome before the vision of wirelessly powered EVs can be realized.
Near-field WPT systems are of two types: inductive, which use magnetic field coupling between conducting coils, and capacitive, which use electric field coupling between conducting plates to transfer energy (Fig. 1). For medium-range applications (in which the distance between the transmitter and the receiver couplers is comparable to the size of the couplers, as in EV charging), inductive WPT systems have traditionally been preferred.


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