Automatic Street Light Controller Model


Automatic Street Light Controller Model


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Product Details:

Brand Projectronics
Voltage 9V
Power 5watt
Packet contents Complete circuit street light poles,background paper,house,car,glue stick,artificial trees.
Usage/Application School science project
Model code P019


These device works on the principle of light dependent resistor. The LDR – light dependent resistance is a semiconductor material which is used as a detector for light intensity. The LDR is connected as a voltage divider with a variable resistance. Once the LDR is exposed to light, then the resistance of the LDR changes as per the intensity of light. The voltage developed by the divider network (correspond the light intensity sensed at the sensor.)is feed to a comparator where it compared with reference voltage (correspond  the limiting value of the light intensity).If the sensed light intensity is less than the set value intensity then the yard light is switched on else the yard light is switched off.


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