Aadhar linked Smart Dustbin Model

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Project Subject Digital Dustbin
Brand Projectronics
Voltage 9V
Power 5W
Usage/Application Science Projects

Following the principles set by our PM we got an idea to have DIGITAL DUSTBIN .Here people are contributing to the society by cleaning and dumping the waste and in return, person will be benefitted by getting ‘SWACH BHARAT POINTS’. And according to their points the users will be awarded with some. For example user dump the wastage like mineral water bottle, cold drink can, plastic packets which can be sense by our smart dustbin. Railway gifted according to number of points like ‘In your next journey you’d get a pass to sit in the neat and clean area (1st class waiting room)’ etc. People can share their SWACH BHARAT POINTS in social networking sites also .We may use this points as sign of good habits- making the rest of our citizens think positively the essence of Clean India Mission .Moreover we can create an environment where kids and students search for dust and garbage to use DIGITAL DUSTBIN the thereby increasing their points and feel proud of themselves for cleaning their country.


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