Automatic Room Light Controller Circuit only



Product Details:

Brand Projectronics
Voltage 9V
Power 5W
Model code P025
Usage/Application School science project


This circuit titled “Automatic Visitor counter with room controller” is designed and presented in order to count the visitors of an auditorium, hall, offices, malls, sports venue, etc. The system counts both the entering and exiting visitor of the auditorium or hall or other place, where it is placed. Depending upon the interrupt from the sensors, the system identifies the entry and exit of the visitor. This system can be economically implemented in all the places where the visitors have to be counted and controlled.
Since counting the visitors helps to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of employees, floor area and sales potential of an organization, etc. And another problem is when we enter our room in darkness, we find difficult to locate the wall- mounted switchboard to switch “ON” the light. For a stranger, it is tougher still as he has no knowledge of the correct switch to turn “ON”. Here is a reliable project/circuit that takes over the task of switching “ON” and switching “OFF” the light automatically when somebody enters or leaves the room. And the no of person present in the room will show in a seven segment display. And all other description will be available along with circuit.


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