Automatic Water Tap Control Model

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Project Subject Water Tap Control
Brand Projectronics
Material Drum, tap
Number of Taps 1
Voltage 5V-230 V
Power 10W
Usage Application Mechanical Engineering Projects

In this project we are going to sense hand by using ultrasonic sensors. Basic principal of ultrasonic distance measurement is based on ECHO. When sound wave sore transmitted in environment then they return back to the origin as ECHO after striking on any obstacle. So we have to only calculate its traveling time of both sounds means outgoing time and returning time to origin after striking on any obstacle by a 8051 microcontroller. And after some calculation we can get a result that is the distance. This concept is used in our tap controller project where the water motor pump is automatically turned on when hand comes near to the tab. You can also check this simple water level indicator circuit for a simpler version of this project. Here the pump is controlled through a solid state relay. Ultrasonic sensor is the input device and LCD relay is the output device. This setup is placed on a fabricated stand.


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