Speed Breaker Electricity Generation Model

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Product Details:

Brand Projectronics
Output Power 8W
Input Voltage 12V
Usage/Application Mechanical Projects


The mechanism used in the assembly is rack and pinion mechanism. It converts reciprocating motion into rotary motion. Here, the rack is the element producing reciprocating motion and pinion rotates due to this reciprocating motion. The rack is displaced vertically due to the weight of the vehicle passing on the speed breaker and thus it reciprocates (M. Ramadan, et al,2015). As the rack reciprocates, it turns the pinion to rotate. The rack is the flat part which has teeth, while the pinion is a gear.

Advantages of rack and pinion mechanism

  • This assembly gives good mounting convenience.
  • Gear losses are maximum up to 5%.
  • Approximate efficiency of rack and pinion mechanism is about 95%.


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