Automatic Room Temp Controller Model



Product Details:

Model Number 97764125
Brand Projectronics
Temperature Range 30-35 Deg C
Usage/Application Engineering Projects
Voltage 230 V
Power 10 W
Controller Function Type ON-off


The project uses a digital temperature sensor for precise control of temperature in medical applications or industries. This system is better than analog/thermostat system, which has poor accuracy. For example, it can used for temperature control of an incubator where maintaining a precise temperature is very important. An incubator is an apparatus used to maintain temperature conditions suitable for a neonate (newborn baby) and used particularly for preterm births of babies. This proposed control system provides the temperature information on a display and, when the temperature exceeds the set point, then the load (i.e. heater) switches OFF. In this project a lamp is provided as a load for demonstration purpose.


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