Automatic Pneumatic Breaking System Model

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Brand Projectronics
Power 6W
Voltage 10 V
Vehicle speed Above 30-40 kmper hour.
Usage/Application College Mechanical Projects

The technology of pneumatics plays a major role in the field of automation and modern machine shops and space robots.. The aim is to design and develop a control system based intelligent electronically controlled automotive break activation and automatic braking system is called Automatic Pneumatic Break actuation Before Collision. This project consists of Ultrasonic transmitter and Receiver circuit, Control Unit, Pneumatic break system and pneumatic braking system. The ultrasonic sensor senses the obstacle. There is any obstacle closer to the vehicle (within 3-4 feet), the control signal is given to the break activation system and also pneumatic braking system simultaneously. The pneumatic break and braking system is used to product the man and vehicle. This break and braking activation system is only activated the vehicle speed above 30-40 km per hour. This vehicle speed is sensed by the proximity sensor and this signal is given to the control unit and pneumatic break and braking activation system.


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