Train Track Crack Detection And Wireless Train Control Model


Train Track Crack Detection And Wireless Train Control Model


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Product Details:

Brand Projectronics
Model Code P010
Usage/Application School science project
Power 5watt
Voltage 9v
Packet contents Toy train with receiver circuit,tracks with fiber optics inbuilt,track detection circuit,backgrou

In this model we are showing detection of cracks of railway tracks in the structure using fiber optics. If these deficiencies are not controlled at early stages they might lead to a number of derailments resulting in a heavy loss of life and property. In this model, the proposed broken rail detection system automatically detects the faulty rail track without any human intervention and controls the train automatically with wireless technique. There are many advantages with the proposed system when compared with the traditional detection techniques. The advantages include less cost, low power consumption and less analysis time.


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