Smart Irrigation System Using IOT Model

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Product Details:

Brand Projectronics
Usage/Application School science project
Model code P021
Power 5watt
Voltage 9V
Packet contents Complete circuit with moisture sensor,solar cell,9v battery,dc pump,irrigation field,background


In the agriculture field, sensors are used like soil moisture. The information received from the sensors is sent to the Database of Adafruit account using nodeMCU module. In the control section, the system is activated using the google assistance, this is finished using the ON/OFF buttons in the application. Also, this system is automatically activated when the soil moisture is low, the pump is switched ON based on the moisture content.

The application has a feature like taking some time from the user and water the agriculture field when the time comes. In this system, there is a switch used to turn off the water supply if the system fails. Other parameters such as the moisture sensor demonstrate the threshold price and the level of water in the soil.


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