Harnessing Wind Power from Running Train



1. Introduction:
The increasing demand for clean and renewable energy sources has led to the exploration of innovative methods to generate electricity. One such method involves harnessing wind power generated by the movement of trains. This report delves into the concept of generating electricity from running trains using wind power, discussing its feasibility, benefits, challenges, and potential applications.
2. Concept and Mechanism:
The concept of generating electricity from running trains using wind power is based on utilizing the aerodynamic forces generated by the train’s movement. As a train moves forward, it displaces the surrounding air, creating a flow of air currents. These air currents, if captured effectively, can be used to rotate wind turbines strategically placed alongside the tracks. The rotation of these turbines can then be converted into electrical energy through generators.

3. Apparatus
Toy train, battery, wind turbine, generator, led, plywood, color, sunboard, wire, glue gun and glue, PCB, Amplifier circuit, Hall effect sensor, 555 timer ics.


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