Smart border security with landmine detection survillance Robot



Border security alarm with landmine detection
The illegal border crossing activities has been raised due to less secure fence border security systems. The border fence is now outmoded in the era of technology because intruders can cross this fence border using fence cutting method. Illegal border crossing activities should be detected at border. In this paper, we propose a multi secure alarm setup for Border Security Systems. In this surveillance and security system, two setups have been implicit. First one is SECURITY ALARM WITH LASER SENSOR WITH LIGHT BLINKING. The second one is a LANDMINE DETECTION ROBOT. When intruders try to cross the land border, the probability of detection is very high because of multi-secure alarm setup. And another system is attached, when any army person feels any emergency, he can send a message to control room by pressing a switch which install in his body.
Apparatus required
1. Copper wire
2. Laser light
3. LDR
4. Microcontroller
5. BD139, bc 547 transistor.
6. 10k variable resistor
7. Lm 393
8. Micro switch
9. 5v adaptor
10. Buzzer
11. HC-05 module
12. Plywood and cardboard
13. Color and artificial trees



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