Clap switch



Clap switch
While living in rent or in hostel the problem like stealing is often in absent time. Here is the circuit of simple and inexpensive sound – operated light to overcome this type of problem which can turn on the light when someone claps, or tries to open your door or even inserts a key in the door lock. It is also called clap operated light or clap switch. Equipment can be switched on and off by just clapping your hands. The major advantage of a clap switch is that you can turn something (e.g. a lamp) on and off from any location in the room (e.g. while lying in bed) simply by clapping your hands. The primary application involves an elderly or mobility-impaired person. A clap switch is generally used for a light, television, radio, or similar electronic device that the person will want to turn on/off from bed. The major disadvantage is that it’s generally cumbersome to have to clap one’s hands to turn something on or off and it’s generally seen as simpler for most use cases to use a traditional light switch.


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