Over And Uner Voltage Relay

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Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Project Duration engineering project for students. Over and under voltage relay
Mode Of Service Offline
Usage/Application School/College project
Business / Industry Type School/College Projects
Power 12v dc
Type Of Service Provider Individual Consultant

Over and uner voltage relay – engg project for electrical students. With 50 pages of project report.


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  • Item Code: PE-01
  • Production Capacity: 10
  • Delivery Time: 05 days
  • Packaging Details: Complete circuit. holder, ac regulator, transformer – 2nos
  • What you have to arrange: Plywood, Gluegun

The over voltage and under voltage relay is designed using potential transformers (PT). There is a PT used to sample the line voltage and converts into DC value. The DC value obtained at the rectifier and filter output is analogous to the AC line voltage amplitude. The filter is designed with a time constant more than five time period (5T). The sampling voltage obtained at the rectifier filter output of the PT changes after 5T only. In this manner the sampling voltage is made resistant to the effects of spics. The sampled voltage is feed to two different comparators having reference voltages analogous to the under voltage and over voltage setting. Whenever the sample voltage goes beyond the reference voltage set for over voltage condition then comparator output goes high and a fault condition is detected. Similarly whenever the sample voltage goes bellow the reference voltage set for under voltage condition in the other comparator the output goes high and a fault condition is detected. The outputs of both the comparators are feed to a logic gate to indicate the fault condition whenever any of the comparator issues a fault decision. The output of the logic gate is feed to the bistable / latch and then relay driver and buzzer driver to protect the equipment from the fault condition and indicate the fault occurrence by blowing the buzzer.
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