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Earthquake alarming system

TheEarth quack alarm is a very useful instrument to detect the Earthquake and savelife and wealth. The detector provides alarm before the real earth quack tookplace so there is few seconds available for saving life. A few second at thetime of such natural disaster is quit considerable and important in view ofsafety.  The earth quack detectors arevery much useful in the suburban and villages. Villagers are not much aware of the symptoms of earth quack so theynormally get confused on the sensation. One very important advantage of the Quake Alarm is that it can wake you upand alert you the moment the quake starts so that you can immediately takecover or tend to other family members. The human mind relies upon thesensations from the inner ear combined with the sense of sight to determine thesensation of motion the body is undergoing at the time that an earthquakestarts. Disorientation, known as vertigo, can cause people to become confusedand instinctively freeze for many seconds during the onset of an earthquake.Sound also plays a part in earthquake detection and by itself can bemisleading. The sound of a slamming garage door or the low rumble of a largetruck has startled many people into falsely thinking that they are about toexperience an earthquake. The QuakeAlarm can eliminate confusion, save valuable seconds and provide peaceof mind.

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