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Driver alerting system

The automotiveare the present generation is highly sophisticated and equipped with manyelectronic systems to control and protect the Auto. The recent cars in themarket equipped with systems such as alight bag protection, anti-skidprotection, automatic wiper control, central locking system etc. These systemsare electronic systems which are installed in the vehicles specifically highend four wheelers. These equipment are working on thebasis of feedback from the sensors installed in the vehicles. There is acentral processor which is interfaced with different kinds of sensor andreceives the signal and processes it. The controller issue signal to differentcontrol units to act accordingly.

          Inthis project we are using LIGHT transmitter sensors at the school college areain the both side of the gate and receivers in the vehicles. When the vehiclesenter in the school area the LIGHT receiver sensor will activate and give asignal to the buzzer for an alarming sound as a result the driver will alertand drive the vehicle in a normal speed.

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