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Disaster alerting system using Bluetooth

Thenatural disasters such as Earth quack, Cyclone, Floods and over temp etc. arethe threats to the society and human life. The disaster monitoring system is avery useful system to detect the natural calamities before it attack severelyto the residential area   and save lifeand wealth. The detector provides alarm before the real disaster come to thelocation to destroy the social lives so there is few seconds/ minutes availablefor saving life and those few seconds/ minutes are very important to safe guard lives and wealth. A few second/ minutesat the time of such natural disaster is quit considerable and important in viewof safety.  One very important advantageof the Disaster Monitoring System is that it can wake you up and alert peoplethe moment the disaster or natural calamities starts so that people canimmediately take cover or tend to other family members. Parameters are –

1.    Sunstroke

2.    Earthquake

3.    Cyclone

4.    Flood

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