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Zero carbon city

A zero-carbon city runs entirely on renewable energy; it has no carbon footprint and will in this respect not cause harm to the planet.Most cities throughout the world produce energy by burning coal, oil and gas, unintentionally emitting carbon. Almost every activity humans do involves burning one of these fossil fuels. To become a zero carbon city, an established modern city must collectively reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to zero and all practices that emit greenhouse gases must cease. Also, renewable energy must supersede other non-renewable energy sources and become the sole source of energy, so a zero-carbon city is a renewable-energy-economy city. We have designed 4 power source here.A - Solar powerB - Wind powerC - Power from speed breakerD - Power from Noise/SoundWhat u'll get in project - Background paper, fixing pins, houses, trees, circuits, description paper, cars, charging stations.

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Video Link:- https://www.youtube.com/embed/FuLWDkfxxP4
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