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Smart helmet

Nowadays most of thecountries areforcing the motor riders to wear the helmet and not to use thevehicles whenthe person is in drunken condition. But still the rules are beingviolated bythe users. In order to overcome this we introduces an intelligentsystem, SmartHelmet, which automatically checks whether the person is wearingthe helmet andhas non- alcoholic breath while driving. Here we have atransmitter at thehelmet and the receiver at the bike. There is a switch usedto sure the wearingof helmet on the head. The ON condition of the switchensures the placing ofthe helmet in proper manner. An alcohol sensor is placednear to the mouth ofthe driver in the helmet to detect the presence of alcohol.The data to betransferred is coded with RF encoder and transmitted throughradio frequencytransmitter. The receiver at the bike receives the data anddecodes it throughRF decoder. The engine should not ON if any of the twoconditions is violated.MCU controls the function of relay and thus theignition, it control the enginethrough a relay and a relay interfacing circuit.

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