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Automatic water tap control using ultrasonic sensor (Mechanical)

In this project weare goingto sense hand by using ultrasonic sensors. Basic principalof ultrasonicdistance measurement is based on ECHO. When sound wavesare transmitted inenvironment then they return back to the origin as ECHOafter striking on anyobstacle. So we have to only calculate its traveling timeof both sounds meansoutgoing time and returning time to origin after strikingon any obstacle by a8051 microcontroller. And after some calculation we canget a result that is thedistance. This concept is used in our tap controllerproject where the watermotor pump is automatically turned on when hand comesnear to the tab. You canalso check this simple water level indicatorcircuit for a simplerversion of this project. Here the pump is controlledthrough a solid staterelay. Ultrasonic sensor is the input device and LCDrelay is the output device.This setup is [placed on a fabricated stand.

Block diagram Images

Project Images

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