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Smart Ambulance with auto traffic control

Time isprecious. Life isprecious. Here is a project, for both time and life when theyare precious. Themain aim of this project is develop an intelligent ambulance whichwill reachthe hospital without any problem in heavy traffics.This particularproject isdesigned for the cities with heavy traffic .Eg: In Bhubaneswar theroads arefull jammed every time. Most of the time the traffic will be at leastfor100meters .In this distance the traffic police can’t hear the siren formtheambulance .so he ignores this .Then the ambulance has to wait till thetrafficis left. Some times to leave the traffic it takes at least 10 minutes.So bythis time anything can happen to the patient .So this project avoidthesedisadvantages. According to this project if any ambulance comes near toanytraffic post the traffic signals automatically controlled by that ambulancebyusing a RF remote.

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Cost :- Rs. 4500
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