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Tractable pollution control

Cleanair is considered to bea basic requirement of human health and for thewell-being. air pollution hasimplications in a number of contemporary issuesincluding: human health, (e.g.respiratory, cancer, allergies.), ecosystems(e.g. crop yields, loss ofbiodiversity), national heritage (e.g. buildings). Theseair pollutant causeproblem to human health when at breathing its concentrationis increase topermissible value. If we can make a device which can reduce theconcentration ofthis pollutant at a certain zone like at – trafficintersection where vehiclestop and emit high smoke.this is a device which has oneexhaust fan with outerbody,it can inhale all smoke nearby to it and treat as ahuman nose system wherehair are entrap the particulate matter and then airflow through oneprecipitator device which settle remaining dust andparticulate matter particleand for further treating with an absorber materialwhich can absorb pollutantgases and give clean air.

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