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Automatic street light

A yard light controller is one of such homeautomation device. The device automates the lights connected in the yard i.e, outsideand around the house. This put on the light and the dusk and put off the lightin the morning. This product saves energy and also carries out routine workwithout any attention. This device can be used for home automation, glowsignboards, Kayos etc.

Design principle of Street light controller

Thesedevice works on the principle of light dependent resistor. The LDR - lightdependent resistance is a semiconductor material which is used as a detectorfor light intensity. The LDR is connected as a voltage divider with a variableresistance. Once the LDR is exposed to light, then the resistance of the LDRchanges as per the intensity of light. The voltage developed by the dividernetwork (correspond the light intensity sensed at the sensor.)is feed to acomparator where it compared with reference voltage (correspond  the limiting value of the light intensity).Ifthe sensed light intensity is less than the set value intensity then the yardlight is switched on else the yard light is switched off.

Block diagram Images

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