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Automatc railway level crossing gate

The Indian Railway is the mostwidely covering communication means in Indian environment.  The railway track runs throughout the Indiancity and village.  There are millions oflevel crossings gates set up at the side railway track. The level crossing gates,which are located mostly at the city location they are managed manually, whereas there are many level crossings at the country side, which are not attendeddue to man power problem. In this project an effort is made to automate thelevel crossing gates. The controller will sense the arrival of the train andstarts alarming and after a while the gate starts closing. Once the trainthoroughly covers the level crossing zone the gate reopens. The objective ofthe project is to automate the level crossing gates at the countryside to avoidaccident at the railway level crossing. And the objective of the project is toautomate the level crossing gates at the countryside to avoid accident at therailway level crossing.

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