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Automatic pay toilet

An automatic pay toilet is a public toilet that requires money payment of any individual to use. It maybe street furniture or be inside abuilding, e.g. a malldepartment storerailway stationrestaurant, etc. The reason for charging money forusing toilets usually is for the maintenance of the equipment. This model workswith-out man power. Whenever someone wants to use this toilet, first he willinsert a 1 rupee coin at the marked place, when light is Green. After that thedoor will open and close automatically for sometimes to enter into the toilet.And light changes green to red until that person came out. After use, thatperson can come outside by pressing an EXIT switch. When that switch pressed,automatically gate works and this system PLUSH the toilets by using a dc pump.And light changes red to green. During RED, coin box is not working that time.

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