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AADHAR base awareness for swatchh bharat mission (GSM)

wastecontainer is a container for temporarily storing waste, andis usually made out of metal or plastic. Some common termsare dustbingarbage cantrash can and dumpster.But we have made it smart using AADHAR link AND MOBILE PHONE USING GSMTECHNOLOGY.


 Following the principles set by our PM we gotan idea to have DIGITAL DUSTBIN .Here people are contributing to the society bycleaning and dumping the waste and in return person will be benefitted bygetting ‘SWACH BHARAT POINTS’. And according to their points the users will beawarded with some. For example user dump the wastage like mineral water bottle,cold drink can, plastic packets which can be sense by our smart dustbin.Railway gifted according to number of points like ‘In your next journey you’dget a pass to sit in the neat and clean area (1st class waiting room)’ etc. Anda notification will get through his/her registered mobile at aadhar.

People can share their SWACH BHARAT POINTS in social networking sites also .Wemay use this points as sign of good habits- making the rest of our citizensthink positively the essence of Clean India Mission .Moreover we can create anenvironment where kids and students search for dust and garbage to use DIGITALDUSTBIN the thereby increasing their points and feel proud of themselves forcleaning their country.
It is indeed a great move towards DIGITAL INDIA mission. DIGITAL DUSTBIN is oneof the finest examples of IOT (internet of things) as any person can use thisDUSTBIN and then their points will be increased in online database (cloud)accessible from anywhere from the world. We use the existing system like UID (AAdhaarCard) to extract the user information. Finally we can declare firmly that inour country the stuff like DUSTBIN can also be connected to the internet andthis is why our Digital Dustbin is singular and can transcend the expectations.Let’s embrace the digital India and get hold of it to help the people as andwhen required.

Apparatus required

1. Microcontroller (89c2051)

2. lm 393 voltage comparator

3. led and ldr

4. LCD

5. Mobile phone

6. Buzzer

7. Plastic container

8. ply wood and cardboard


Todetecting wastage in dustbin and finger scanning we have used a pair of lighttransmitter and receiver. Led used as a transmitter and LDR (light dependentresistor) used as a light receiver. LDR is connected as such a way thatgenerates a voltage which directly proportional to the light falling onit.  And both the light receivers areconnected to the microcontroller through voltage comparators. Voltagecomparators are used here to convert the data from analog signal to logic form(1/0). Normally the output shows 1 and when blocks the light by throwingwastage it becomes 0 and the finger scanner also works same.

First, microcontroller checks the output of dustbin sensor,if that output becomes 0, then microcontroller confirm someone has thrownwastage into the dustbin then, it displays for finger scanning and wait for 5seconds if someone scan his finger it identify his name and shows on LCD andalso text a THANKS message as a sms to his personal mobile phone. To sendingsms we have used a mobile phone and that is operated by the microcontrollerthrough a switching circuit. After messaging microcontroller checks the dustbinsensor output, and if that gives continuously 0 then, it confirms that thedustbin is full now. Then it suddenly chooses the dustbin full message inmobile phone and sends it to the municipality office with dustbin number.  

Block diagram Images

Project Images

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