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Railway track crack detection system using fiber optics

In this model we are showing detection of cracks of railwaytracks in the structure using fiber optics. If these deficiencies are notcontrolled at early stages they might lead to a number of derailments resultingin a heavy loss of life and property. In this paper, the proposed broken raildetection system automatically detects the faulty rail track without any humanintervention. There are many advantages with the proposed system when comparedwith the traditional detection techniques. The advantages include less cost,low power consumption and less analysis time. By this proposed system the exactlocation of the faulty rail track can easily be located which will mendedimmediately so that many lives can be saved.

Apparatus required

1.     Fiber optics cable

2.   Some wood sticks

3.   Toy train

4.   Speaker

5.    IR transmitter, receiver and IRsensor

6.   9v battery

7.    Ply board

8.   Some toy cars for decoration

9.   LED

Block diagram Images

Project Images

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Project Cost:- Rs.3500
Courier Cost:-Rs. 200.00
  Total Cost :- Rs. 3700
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