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Automatic solar irrigation

The project is designed to develop anautomatic irrigation system which switches the pump motor ON/OFF on sensing themoisture content of the soil. In the field of agriculture, use of proper methodof irrigation is important. The advantage of using this method is to reducehuman intervention and still ensure proper irrigation. The main advantage ofthe project is it is based on renewal energy that is solar power based.

          Theproject uses a transistor to on/off the motor, which is designed to receive theinput signal of varying moisture condition of the soil through the sensingarrangement. This is achieved by using an op-amp as comparator which acts asinterface between the sensing arrangement and the controller. The circuitmeasures the resistance of the soil between the probes. The size and shapedoesn't matter so much for a rough reading, so spikes or plates will work. Ifyou want to try and calculate the resistivity of the soil, then two squareplates would probably be best. Once the controller receives this signal, itgenerates an output that drives a relay for operating the water pump.


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Project Cost:- Rs.3000
Courier Cost:-Rs. 200.00
  Total Cost :- Rs. 3200
(inclusive all the taxes)


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